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Faceyoga By Skinyoga

Faceyoga® facelift & glow Set

Faceyoga® facelift & glow Set

3 Full Size Products

The Ultimate Beauty Set.

This signature luxury set contains 3 full size of our bestselling multiple award winning products. Highly concentrated and powerful products are formulated with scientifically proven adaptogens which penetrate into the deepest layer of your dermis and stimulate cell renewal to naturally transform your Skin and Hair.

Formulated using clinically proven high performance ingredients with rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties that has been used for centuries in ancient ayurveda to preserve youth and reverse skin ageing. Made with 100% pure Saffron (considered a "miracle elixir" for its age reversing properties), Sandalwood, Rosehip and some of the most potent and expensive ingredients in the world. Just one application will give you a visibly firmer, youthful, plumper and flawless skin.

3 high performance products together can replace a total of your 15 products. With no chemicals or low quality ingredients like minerals oils or water (aqua) to dilute the formula, we have created highly concentrated, 100% pure and potent powerful products that is preservative-free. Which results in highly effective, instantly visible results.

* 100% saw instant firmness and reduction in wrinkle appearance after one application.                * 97% experience less hair loss in just 1 week.

*Ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin and recommended for acne prone and ageing skin.                *Pregnancy safe

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Product Details

This set contains all of our bestselling products.
1 x FaceYoga®Age-reversing Saffron Serum (Full size)
1 x Facelift & Sculpt skin & scalp detoxifying tool
1 x Hair yoga™ Growth Treatment Oil (Full size)

Faceyoga Saffron Serum
Our Natural botox in a bottle is formulated to repair and stimulate collagen for a flawless complexion that glows with vitality.

Facelift & sculpt wand-
Our breakthrough facial tool is made with medical grade copper that detoxifies skin & scalp and gives your skin a 'workout'. It help sculpt and soften the appearance of fine lines, and stimulate energy flow. Sacred metal helps products nutrients absorb deeper into skin.

Hair Yoga™ Growth Treatment Oil
Multiple award-winning hair serum is best-kept ancient hair growth secrets. Made with the most potent ingredients to promote hair growth, nourishes the scalp and adds thickness and shine to lack-lustre hair.


FaceYoga® Saffron Serum
Described as Botox in a bottle! This Award-winning luxurious silky, lightweight miracle elixir has been used for centuries for flawless glow and to preserve youth. It's renowned for its power to reverse the signs of ageing and improve your skin texture and evens out complexion.
One bottle of FaceYoga® Saffron face Serum will cover all your skincare steps.
* 100% saw reduction in wrinkle appearance after one application
* 86% People said their acne scars had cleared in 2 weeks.

Kansa Wand (Beauty Tool)
The unique alkaline power of our medical grade copper wand helps stabilize the pH of your skin and draws out the accumulated toxins from the deeper layer of your skin and scalp and helps products nutrients absorb deeper into skin
*FACE-Massaging with the copper dome increases circulation and production of anti ageing collagen and elastin and promotes lymphatic drainage. This magical facelift tool from ancient wisdom paired with the saffron serum will give you an instant facelift & sculpt with that rejuvenated fresh glow all day.
*HAIR-This versatile tool can also be used to massage your scalp with our Hair growth serum to see faster hair growth.

Hair Growth Treatment Oil
This hair elixir has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine.
Regular application will boost hair growth, add volume, reduce dandruff, make your hair thicker and reduces premature greying.
* 78% had a clinically proven increase in hair density and hair growth after 3 weeks of regular use.
* 97% experience less hair loss in just 1 week.

How to use

Apply FaceYoga Saffron Serum on clean skin; massage evenly. Then, take the wand and start moving it in circular motions. With light pressure, gently massage the forehead, jaw muscles, and cheekbones for 3 to 5 minutes. To reduce the appearance of fine lines, lightly apply pressure to the area for 15 seconds and direct the wand toward the ears and temples. A grey tint on skin may develop, indicating that the wand is working and acids are being released to detoxify skin—this will rinse off with warm water.
This allows the luxurious ingredients in the serum to sink even deeper into the skin to help stimulate cell renewal and boost collagen production resulting in visibly firmer, brighter, radiant skin.

Apply 3-4 squeezes of Hair Oil to roots, scalp and hair.
Massage into the scalp with the copper wand for 3-4 minutes before applying and rubbing into the rest of the hair shaft.
Leave in for 2 hours and wash and shampoo as normal.
* 78% had a clinically proven increase in hair density and hair growth after 3 weeks of regular use.
* 97% experience less hair loss in just 1 week.

Facial & Scalp Massage Tool
*This versatile massage tool paired with the saffron serum will detoxify your skin and give you an instant facelift & sculpt and soften the appearance of fine lines.
We also recommend using the wand to massage the scalp with SkinYoga Hair growth serum to see faster hair growth.

Product Ingredients

All ingredients used in our products are high grade vegan, plant based, botanics cruelty free, waterless and 100% natural. See individual product page for full list of ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Tina Shaw
The hype is real - 11 months UPDATE

on to my 4th bottle and placing my 5th order. These products have truly made a difference in our skincare and hair routines, and we're all impressed with the results.
saffron magic and wand hype – still the real deal! Ideal for sensitive skin. ALMOST A YEAR UPDATE: Nearly a year of daily saffron serum and wand use, and my skin is transformed. Remarkably tighter, deep wrinkles are also fading ,softer, even complexion with minimized pores and fine lines and bumps almost vanished. Hair oil remains a winner – lightweight, non-greasy, natural, and divine-smelling. Hair growth and fall reduction continue. I've noticed the new growth is darker, and the greys are almost gone. Didn't think you could naturally get rid of greys!
Here is the before and after picture from a year of regular use – the results speak volumes! Remarkably, my friends and family have become loyal customers too.

Daisy smith
100% worth the splurge

I really wanted to try the dome copper wand and saffron serum after watching the facelift and detox video online. Since I'd already tried their hair oil which I absolutely love!!! wanted to buy more and decided to go for the set this time because it includes all three products.
The first time I used the wand and serum I was surprised at how grey my face looked. After a week I've noticed my face looks a bit plumper in a good way, and my deep acne scars seem a bit less noticeable.I really enjoy using the wand along with the Face Yoga saffron serum – it has a lovely fragrance and is a calming way to end the day. It's a powerful way to detoxify the skin and a must-have as a collagen booster with its massaging effects. I have to say, all their products are just amazing! I highly recommend this product paired with the saffron serum! – you'll thank me later!

Jawaher Alrahbi
Loving my Faceyoga® facelift & glow Set

Premium products I love the smell of it and how it feels on my skin

Amy Thomas
Definitely a winner for me.

I have been using SkinYoga every morning for the past month, and I have noticed a significant difference in my face contour, skin texture, and colour. The firmness has also improved noticeably. The box it came in has a QR code that takes you to a tutorial video. I followed the instructional video and extended the duration of some moves. It only takes a few minutes, but it makes a big difference. I love this set even more than my old gua sha tool and my expensive moisturiser. The best Black Friday buy I made this year.

Amita Patel
Facelift& glow set

Lovely product