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Faceyoga By Skinyoga

Kansa Wand-Facial & Scalp Massage Tool

Kansa Wand-Facial & Scalp Massage Tool

One Size

This magical tool from ancient wisdom will give you an instant mini facelift.

As one of the most powerful and oldest facial massage tools, Kansa wands have been used for over 5,000 years and predate jade rollers and gua sha.

Handcrafted and developed using the traditional method mentioned in ancient Ayurveda and pure teak and copper from natural materials and using the massage wand feels wonderful on your skin. Unlike others, we use the purest metals and do not include any form of lead.

Using the massage wand increases circulation and production of anti-aging collagen and elastin and promotes lymphatic drainage.

*As all of our Skinyoga products are made and packaged in our own facilities we maintain the highest quality control throughout the process.

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Product Details


Regular use aids lymphatic draining thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. Massaging with our Kansa wand also increases circulation and helps to oxygenate the skin and scalp which promotes healthier collagen production. The metal dome of the Kansa wand is a natural way to rebalance the pH of our skin.

Massaging your face with this beauty tool paired with traditionally developed Faceyoga® saffron serum can make your face glow like gold.

*This versatile massage tool can also be used to massage your scalp with our Hair growth serum to see faster hair growth.

How to use

In Ayurveda its recommend to pair the Kansa wand with an oil based saffron serum to increase the impact of your treatment, “Apply our Faceyoga Saffron serum to the face, massaging it in.

Then, take the wand and start moving it in circular motions around the eye sockets, and figure eights across the forehead and upward strokes across the jaw area
Use deep, slow and firm but gentle sweeping strokes from the centre of the face outwards to stimulate, lift and tone skin
Work the bigger groove under the cheekbones, moving outwards. Reserve the smaller groove for the jawline and down along the sides of your neck to stimulate the lymph glands and release toxins

If you see a greyness appear on the skin
Simply wipe with a cloth when done.“Greyness around the massaged area indicates the release of heat, acidity, blockages, impurities and toxins from the skin that reacts with the pure kansa metal

Product Ingredients

100% teak wood handle with a base of pure kansa metal (copper + tin)

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
megan finch
Love love love

It's small and easy to use on the face as it covers a lot of areas. I cannot imagine needing a larger one, as this smaller one covers my face just fine in just a few strokes. I feel calm and relaxed, did a few changes in my skin like wrinkles but the glow I get after is absolutely unreal. I have got to the point where I looked forward to using it each week!

Pipa F
I love it!

My cousin recommended the FACEYOGA Kansa wand. It feels good to use and I was surprised that my face felt good hours after too. I'm SO HAPPY TO GIVE THIS LITTLE DEVICE FIVE GOLDEN STARS!!! My first use resulted in spots of head & face pain but that was my fault: I used too much pressure. Now I use it as shown in a YouTube video -- on clean dry skin, then a generous application of good face oil, and gentle specific use of the wand on the face and neck area. I use my faceyoga oil which was part of the gift set. THE SPARSE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE PACKAGE ARE INADEQUATE FOR BEST USAGE AND RESULTS. FIND THE YOUTUBE VIDEO TO LEARN HOW (AND HOW NOT) TO USE IT. I spend 10 minutes at night after getting into bed, gently following the specific instructions from the online Video, and firstly it nearly puts me to sleep! Secondly, my facial skin is AMAZING in the morning! I don't know how this little Wand works its Magic but I can't recommend it highly enough; for anyone who loves to have their face massaged it's maybe even better because one can tailor the movements to one's own bone structure and problem areas. The recommended pressure is to move the wand so GENTLY on the oil surface that one's skin shouldn't get 'PULLED/MOVED AROUND". I'm gifting one to my adult son who always asked me to massage his face at bedtime when he was stressed out lol. Try this Wand -- you'll be happily surprised by the benefits.

Tania Boncak
Best anti ageing tool

I loved the quality, its use is therapeutic in Ayurveda facials. The wand is easy to use and my clients love them, especially on the face and feet. I have seen a significant decrease in fine lines, puffiness all over my face, clearer, glowing skin, as well as hyperpigmentation. My skin is firm and tighter after using it. I can't wait to try the face serum everyone has been raving about.

Felicia hilton
Unbelievable results

This is my second week of religiously using all three products. I can already notice a significant decrease in fine lines, even skin tone and a reduction in acne breakouts. I use my Kansa Wand every day along with the faceyoga Serum. The Kansa Wand helped heal breakouts due to the healing benefits of the copper and tin, I see less hormonal acne when I use it every day and massage it over breakouts to prevent it. I highly recommend this product, the only facial tool you'll ever need for deep drainage of facial fluids and I like to use this in the morning as part of my morning skincare ritual. It feels good to use and I was surprised that my face felt good hours after too.

Pheobe Jenkinson
Absolutely love it!!!!!!!

Cleansing and wonderful for the skin. I use this every morning as a facial massage, cold eye depuffer, and lymphatic drainage and it’s one of my favourite tools! It’s soothing and almost meditative in nature and paired with the Kansa wand! After using it every day for a month I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the definition of my features and my skin appears less puffy! It’s definitely an investment but it’s an investment in youthful glowing skin which is so worth it!! The amount of compliments I’ve received on my skin in the last month specifically is unbelievable! I feel more confident stepping out of my house with no makeup on! It is so much better than Gua Sha. The skin looks healthier.