The Anti-Humidity Serum for Keratin-Treated Tresses

The Anti-Humidity Serum for Keratin-Treated Tresses

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Dealing with frizz during the humid summer months can be challenging, especially for individuals with keratin-treated hair. Discover the advantages of using hair serums to maintain great-looking hair in any weather.

Understanding the Humidity-Hair Dilemma

Humidity can be a hair's worst enemy. When the air is thick with moisture, it causes hair to swell and become frizzy. This is particularly problematic for those with keratin-treated hair, as the treatment is designed to smooth and straighten the hair cuticles. High humidity can undo these effects, leaving hair looking unruly and frizzy.

What Does Hair Serum Do?

An anti-humidity hair serum is a game-changer for keratin-treated hair. The lightweight, silky formula acts as a barrier against moisture, protecting hair from frizz in humid conditions. It also nourishes and shields the hair, ensuring that the benefits of the keratin treatment endure.

Benefits of Using an Anti-Humidity Serum

1) Frizz Control: The primary benefit is its ability to control frizz by creating a protective barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft.

2) Enhanced Shine: It contains ingredients that enhance hair shine, making it look healthy and vibrant.

3)Nourishment: It helps to strengthen and protect the hair, keeping it healthy and resilient.

4) Prolonged Keratin Treatment: Protects the hair, prolonging the effects of keratin treatment and ensuring that the hair remains smooth and straight for a longer period.

Additionally,  Our  Hair Yoga® Growth Treatment Oil is a fantastic pre-shampoo treatment that penetrates deeply to fortify strands from the inside out. Made with natural ingredients like Hibiscus and Brahmi, it protects the keratin in the hair, bringing back moisture and shine that is lost due to colour and chemical treatments.

How to Use :

  • Apply a small amount of our  Hair Yoga® Oil to damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Avoid applying too much on the roots, making hair look greasy.
  • The serum will provide a protective barrier against humidity, keeping hair smooth and frizz-free.

Tips for Applying  Serum

1) Focus on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Applying serum to the roots can make your hair look oily and weigh it down.

2) If your hair starts to frizz during the day, you can use a small amount of serum to touch up and tame any unruly strands.

The Power of Nature with Skinyoga!

With Skinyoga's natural and nourishing haircare products, you can embrace the power of nature while achieving beautiful, healthy tresses.

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